The Barista Whisperer

Tic Tacs
Cake or death

Walk up to cafe counter.

Cashier hands me a cup, “Get out of here.”
I smile, “Thank you.”

“Your talk made me feel a lot better.”
“Good. It was supposed to.” I say, walking away smiling.

Three days ago this cashier was sitting at a table next to mine while on break. And she was on the verge of tears. I didn’t know what it was about, but I spoke up anyway…

“Just remember, it’s temporary. You’re not [working] here forever. You’re here by choice. You’re in control of your life.”

It worked. I think I may be in the free-coffee-for-life club now.

Or at least as long as she chooses to stay.

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  • Thanks, Laura, for your brilliant comment that turned into the title of this post. :)