Cake or death

The Barista Whisperer
Somebody told me...


That awkward moment you almost run over a crow because he’s quite confident that whatever it is he’s eating at the edge of the road is worth the risk of death.

Can you imagine loving something that much?

Train engineer to his copilot:
“Oy, mate. What’s that up ahead on the tracks?”
“Looks like some guy with a ZERO hat eating a burrito.”
“Should we stop the train?”
“Naw, he’ll move.”

That increasingly awkward moment you realize you just played chicken with a crow, and lost.

This scenario reminds of that bit by Eddie Izzard, only instead of cake, it’s “Roadkill or death?”

Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense, actually. O_o

But still, Crow says he’ll have the roadkill, please.

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