Take care of your teeth, kids.

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That awkward moment you realize your dentist doesn’t appear to actually do anything but schedule other people to work on you. O_o

Cleaning? That was the dental hygienist.

Root canal? That was the endodontist.

Upcoming tooth extraction? That’s the blacksmith or something — I didn’t quite catch his title.

Anyway, for those keeping track, I have an appointment for tooth extraction on May 15th.

Apparently the Hephaestus Blacksmith Co. keeps a pretty full schedule, so it’s not for a couple weeks.

Oh man, it’s gonna be awesome.

And by awesome, I mean take care of your teeth, kids.

Even if you don’t like going to the dentist — or don’t think you need one — it’s a good idea to go in every now and then to make sure you don’t have a minor issue (like I had) that could turn into a major issue (like I have) if left unresolved for years (as I did).

*I like my dentist. I just find it funny I’ve had 2 appointments (and now a 3rd coming up) and he hasn’t worked on me yet (I actually have a 4th scheduled where I think he finally will).

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*Hephaestus (Encyclopedia Mythica)