Red light achievement unlocked


Sometimes, while driving to a destination, and I find myself hitting a couple red lights in a row, I pretend that if I keep hitting red lights, I’ll unlock some kind hidden achievement.

Then I actually start hoping for red lights the whole way…

But inevitably, it doesn’t happen. But the funny thing is, I don’t mind, because green lights are good, too.

It seems that as soon as you don’t mind what is typically considered an inconvenience, it has no power over you.

And you know what that is?

A step towards inner peace.

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Lunk status achievement unlocked!



Welp, looks like I can cross “Set off the ‘Lunk Alarm’ in the ‘non-judgment zone’.” off my bucket list now.

I have officially achieved lunk status!


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How did I achieve lunk status, you ask?

It was pretty easy.

I put down 150lbs of dumbells a little less gently than I intended.

This isn’t to say I was clumsy or dropped them, only that 150lbs of iron can be difficult to set down without making any noise — especially on a surface that is usually covered with rubber weight mats, but isn’t. O_O

Apparently, the amount of noise I made was enough incentive for someone (or some thing) to decide that it was worth disrupting the entire facility by blasting a loud siren in order to alert everyone to the fact that I made some noise while putting down some weights in a gym.



"Narcissistic Glory Hound" achievement unlocked!

Characterized as a "narcissistic glory hound" by a random Internet goer achievement unlocked!

Characterized as a “narcissistic glory hound” by a random Internet goer achievement unlocked! Woohoo!

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"Sleep in a 2012 Toyota Camry" wasn't on my bucket list, and yet…


For what it’s worth, it is entirely possible to sleep in a 2012 Toyota Camry (with the rear seats down and 1/2 of your body inserted into the trunk like some kind of pod from a science-fiction film).

Now, it’s not nearly as “comfortable” as a 2002 4Runner, but still, it’s 100{82b2ded5ae086bbe31c001f0374079c9503b180ae813ec027549eb44365a9474} cheaper than a hotel.

So on this 1,074th day of my adventure, I just have this to say…

Never again will I question the lengths that “oddball” people go to in order to pursue their dreams and passions.

If you’ve got something that means that much to you and you’re willing to do the work and make the sacrifices necessary to make it happen, I salute you.

“Here’s to the crazy ones…”

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Trader Joe's Fun thyme.


Trader Joe’s cashier finishes ringing me up, then discovers a bottle of thyme on her counter…

“Oops, wait. Is this thyme yours?”

Without hesitation, “This time, this thyme is not mine! Maybe next time!”

She laughed.

(My first thyme joke. Guess I can cross that off my bucket list.) ;)

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