Lunk status achievement unlocked!

Ashes to ashes...
Changing of the footguard



Welp, looks like I can cross “Set off the ‘Lunk Alarm’ in the ‘non-judgment zone’.” off my bucket list now.

I have officially achieved lunk status!


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How did I achieve lunk status, you ask?

It was pretty easy.

I put down 150lbs of dumbells a little less gently than I intended.

This isn’t to say I was clumsy or dropped them, only that 150lbs of iron can be difficult to set down without making any noise — especially on a surface that is usually covered with rubber weight mats, but isn’t. O_O

Apparently, the amount of noise I made was enough incentive for someone (or some thing) to decide that it was worth disrupting the entire facility by blasting a loud siren in order to alert everyone to the fact that I made some noise while putting down some weights in a gym.