Strike two

Point taken
Accidental assertiveness

One of the primary issues with having your vehicle’s [noun] [verbed] at [7 minus 5] AM on a Sunday morning in [city], [state], is that auto [noun] fix-it places in the area appear to be closed on Sundays.


Although the new [noun] held up better than the last one (and so nothing got stolen). So that’s a win…

I mean, if you factor out the cost of a new [noun].

Good times.

My next vehicle will come with a security deterrent.

I’m thinking blow darts.

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*Caution: It’s not a good idea to post specific details about events that happen to you on social media immediately after they happen. As this is a way for the people who do such things to identify you (a simple search on social media using keywords can sometimes locate you). So although the above was written to be humorous, there’s also a reason why I redacted certain information.