Simple excitement

Control, Alt, Delete


Confession of the day:

Sometimes I get excited when I buy a new toothbrush.

However, that excitement is often very short-lived.

What silly or simple things do you get excited about?

From the comments:

Melinda: I’m afraid that if I admit this, I will completely confirm what a nerd I am… but here goes: When I’m walking out of the library with a stack of novels, I get SO excited to start reading them. The most delicious part is when I sit down and choose which one to start first.

Zero: Oh man, that strikes a chord, Melinda. They’re like free presents!

Carleen: Going to the garden and seeing the first tiny green tomatoes! (..and peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, squashes…)

Zero Another good one, Carleen. Fruit or not, I love growing healthy plants!

Dawn: Books. New ones, used ones, doesn’t matter. Getting books excites me without fail! Oh, and shoes. And purses. Clothes, also. But books are always at the top of the Happy List!

Zero: Dawn, I’m totally with you. I love picking up a new purse and pair of shoes! ;)

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