Sidekick tryouts tomorrow

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Catalytic converter theft attempt saga


Sometimes I think nothing makes having to go out in public and interact with groups of people quite as bearable as having a favorite person to do that with.

It can be a relief just having someone you can turn to and comment on how rude or crazy or confrontational people can be.

Without that, it’s just you versus the rude or crazy or confrontational people.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons we strive so hard to find a mate in life.

Sure, it’s a good thing to be able to handle everything life throws your way on your own. But once you know you have it in you to do that, I think having someone you can face the world with makes it better.

Because anything that makes it seem like the world isn’t such a mean and scary place at times is a good thing.

So maybe I should really hold those sidekick tryouts I’ve been thinking about.

It worked for Axe Cop (tryouts).

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