Catalytic converter theft attempt saga

Sidekick tryouts tomorrow

8:46 AM

Dear guy with the portable electric saw –

Very clever crawling under my 4Runner and attempting to steal my catalytic converter.

Too bad you were so quick I couldn’t stop you before you were already through one side of my muffler and mostly through the other.

Also too bad that my door didn’t hit you in the head when I swung it open.

Welp, I always wondered what my car would sound like as a motorcycle.

Good times.


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* Yes, I was actually inside at the time. How fast was this guy? FAST.

Although, admittedly, I did spend 5-10 seconds wondering what the hell that noise was.

There was a utility pickup that had pulled up directly behind me in the parking lot. It just looked like a typical work truck, so I thought it was just a couple workers making a quick fix to something that I couldn’t see.

I didn’t actually think the guy was sawing through my muffler until I looked out the window and saw his feet hanging out from under my car. O_O

Why didn’t he see me? Because I have limousine tinted windows.

By the time I moved to get the door open, he must have sensed I was inside. He pulled himself out of range just before my door swung passed his head and he shouted “Whoa!” and ran to his pickup.

I chased him (barefoot), but it was only like 12 feet to his vehicle and once he got inside, there was nothing I could do. I pounded on his window and made angry man shouting noises before he and his partner hauled ass out of there.

8:49 AM

Hmmmm… Worse than I thought…


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9:44 AM

Officer said it was the 4th one today. O_O


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10:17 AM

OMG. One can not imagine the sheer sense of power I feel while driving around with a busted muffler.

My baby is a total badass and I didn’t even know it.

Catalytic converter thieves? More like Pimp My Ride buddies.

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1:07 PM

Hey, so that’s where my spare tire is. ;)


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1:15 PM

I showed up at the second highest rated muffler shop in the area unannounced (an hour from where the theft attempt occurred) and was greeted by the owner in less than 10 seconds.

He had my car on the lift within a minute of hearing my story.

“Some guys tried to steal my catalytic converter this morning…”
“We’ll have a look. Drive it into bay 1.”

And before I could finish typing this status update on Facebook, the shop had my muffler repaired.


I gave the mechanic a $20 and told him to keep the change.


Ralph’s Muffler & Welding Services
14538 Whittram Ave, Fontana, CA 92335
(909) 355-6603


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2:38 PM

If I’m completely honest, I would totally pay $15 bucks to have those guys come back and try and steal my catalytic converter a second time.

Heck, I might even up it to $25.

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