Loose filter

Wants to connect...
Meiosis times infinity

I think I’m turning into the old man version of myself ahead of schedule.

Not in the sense that I feel old, but in the sense that the filter that usually dictates what I say or don’t say is getting a bit loose.

My dentist called me this evening to remind me of my root canal appointment tomorrow. He asked if I had any questions or concerns.

I asked him about eating prior to the procedure.

He told me to eat a good breakfast, but perhaps take it easy on lunch (my appointment is scheduled for 1:30pm), since I’ll be sitting still for a couple hours with things stuck in my mouth.

So I told him I’d be sure to load up on refried beans and cabbage.

He laughed.

And then he told me that I probably shouldn’t do that.

But I could tell from his voice, what he really meant was, that if I did that, he’d kill me.

It was worth the laugh though.

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