Inner dialogue

Car talk
I think I'm too drunk to drive...

Why I like talking to myself…

Hey self…
Yeah, Zero?

You remember that time we ate a whole box of ice cream sandwiches?
Oh yeah, man. That was awesome!

I wonder if we could do it again…
Oh, I’m sure we could!

Oh, I don’t know. That’s a lot of sandwiches…
Oh please! It’s me you’re talking to!

Yeah. You’re right. I bet we could.
I know we could!

Should we?
Oh, absolutely! I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life!

Good answer!
Thanks, bro!


You complete me.
Oooooh yooooou.

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I don’t really talk to myself (much) out loud — this was more of an inner dialogue told in an entertaining fashion. However, if you’re interested in recent research on the subject of talking to yourself, here are a couple links: