Free shop card

I had this crazy dream...
Why I need a time machine

Walk into Walmart to buy an item that dropped in price everywhere but Target today (which is where I went first — because I have a $5 coupon there — and walked away sad. So then I drove to Walmart…).

The girl in electronics rings me up… The register makes a beep.

“Oh, looks like you get a free shop card!”, she says. “Here, let me get one that doesn’t have hearts all over it.”

She walks to another aisle and comes back…

‘What’s a free shop card?’ I ask. Not at all sure I want it.

“It’s a free shopping card for –”

She swipes the card in the register and waits for a response.

“–$30 dollars.”

‘Ok, yeah. I want that.’

That was a nice surprise. Thank you, universe! :)