Feel the vibration

Got ya
Wah waaah wah wah

Once upon a time, I bought a razor with a battery in it. The battery makes the razor vibrate when I shave.

Because you need that.

More recently, I bought a toothbrush that does the same thing. But for teeth.

But whereas I’ve never replaced the battery in my razor (I shave every other day) — and it’s replaceable — the battery in my vibrating plaque attacker is not only not replaceable, I have to recharge it every few days.

That seems odd.

One battery lasts forever. The other not even close to forever.

At this point, I’m considering MacGyvering a toothbrush to my razor and using that as an all-in-one.

And also because my razor has a cool blue LED that makes it look futuristic — because you need that — and my plaque attacker has none.

What were they thinking? I don’t know.

What am I thinking?

Vibrating blue LED-featuring face-shaving plaque-attacking razor-toothbrush for the win.

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