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Weird thought of the day:

I wonder if people with really big wedding rings think they are really, *really* married. And really, *really* in love.

Whereas, people with small wedding rings are only just a little bit married. And only a little bit in love.

*I’ll take sharing bonding experiences with a loved one over the implied value of a physical thing that is supposed to represent that bond.

You can’t buy love. But you can pay for kickass experiences to share with someone you love. Which, in turn, will strengthen that bond and create memories that last a lifetime.

What an odd thing to value the symbol of something more — or care more about how others perceive that symbol — than the bond it is supposed to represent.

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*For clarification: I’m not judging anyone on their ring size. And not only do I not care about the size of your ring, it’s none of my business anyway.

However, it concerns me that we live in a debt-driven culture where many seem to think that a big wedding and a big ring are an absolutely essential part of the wedding experience. “Everyone does it, so we must, too.”

For those who can afford it, great. But these symbols are not actually essential.

I would say being genuinely in love and being committed to wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone is the most important thing.

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