Dear scientists

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Dear scientists,

I was required to learn how to tie my shoes before I learned how to drive.

And yet, we now we live in an age where cars drive themselves, but shoes don’t tie themselves.

I think you have failed to realize that there are far more shoes on earth that need tying than there are cars that need driving!

Where are your priorities? O_o

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From the comments:

Vik: Giant shoe car – a step forward? You knew that was coming

Zero: I want shoes that TIE themselves, not DRIVE themselves!

Vik: Right. Stride Rite Vader Tie Fighter Sneaker.

Zero: This is not the sneaker technology I’m looking for.

Vik: When you’re running, it really helps you stay on target.

Zero: Unless you ARE the target!

Vik: I sense another failed gym pickup line!

Zero: Maybe, but if I get struck down using it, I shall become more powerful than they can possibly imagine.