Catalytic converter efficiency issues

Dear words that look wrong...
Quick thinking

Need to get my vehicle smog checked.

Smog check fails due to (a new) check engine light issue.

Diagnostics indicate check engine light is a result of a catalytic converter efficiency issue (I’m told this is unrelated to the catalytic converter theft attempt earlier this year).

I look at online reviews for local mechanics.
Find one that sounds good.

Go to see him. He’s an older guy. He’s been in the business for many years.

We talk. Gives his assessment and suggestions. He’s thorough.
Seems like an honest fellow (like the reviews suggest).

At one point I ask, “Is there any resale value for catalytic converters?”

And he turns to me and says, “Not for *you*.” And then he smiles.

And based on that bit of honesty, I’m pretty sure this guy is my go-to mechanic from now on.

My appointment’s tomorrow.

And when I asked if he wanted my phone number, he said, “No. Just show up.”

I like this guy.

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