Grateful to be here
Bad sentences


That awkward moment you wake up to one of the loudest explosions you’ve ever heard and think it’s probably just the local nuclear power plant having a meltdown.

And then you remember what thunder sounds like.

And now it’s raining.

In southern California.

I know. I know. I should either go play the lottery or go to the gym and try one of my bad pick up lines.

Choices. Choices.

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From the comments:

Simone: Nah, you should be outside dancing in the rain.

Zero: “Hey! It’s raining! Care to go outside and dance with me?”

Oh yes, I can make this work.

Chad: You just gotta be ready to make good on it if she says yes.

Kimberli: Your next line could be, “Have you ever heard a thunderstorm from the inside of my car?

Zero: That made me groan, Kimberli. It’s perfect.

Kimberli: Mission accomplished! ;)

Rebecca: It doesn’t rain and/or thunder in southern California?

Zero: California is in the midst of a very serious drought. Rain is very rare, let alone thunder showers.

Catherine: Just remember to be humble.

Zero: Someone got offended with my “huge ego” on Google plus because I was talking about how humble I am.

So I’m not sure how to go about letting people know I’m really freakin’ humble at this point.