Apocalypse alert system

Apocalypse buddies
Wait for it...


If the *apocalypse started, you’d tell me, right?

I mean, don’t assume that I already know, OK?

I don’t want to look up one day and see zombies banging on the window and be caught totally unprepared.

And I mean *any apocalypse! Zombies, aliens, Care Bears, Zombie Bees — Zombees!, the 4 Horsemen…er — Horsepeople, Y2K TWO, giant mutant radioactive squirrels, vegetarian zombie ski bunnies… You get the idea.

If you even just *think* the apocalypse is happening, even if you’re not sure, you tweet, text, email, or call me, OK?

‘Cause I will believe you! And together, we will rule the post apocalyptic world! Muahahaha!

Thank you.

Carry on, future apocalypse survivors!

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