Accidental intimacy

Sometimes I have pretend phone conversations...
Cookies make it better

First day off antibiotics. Woke up with the worst headache of the week… although most days in the past week I’ve woken up with a headache.

But it’s gone now (or possibly justed masked by the high dose ibuprofen I had left over from my root canals a couple weeks ago).

Can’t tell if the place where my extracted molar used to be is looking good or bad. I mean, it’s gross, but can’t tell if it’s gross in a good way — or a bad way.

Did not realize there was a “good gross” til just now.

Tried to eat Popchips the other day. That was a mistake.

Too soon. The experience almost killed me.

I’m probably exaggerating (slightly).

Saw gym girl for the first time in a week yesterday. Made me smile. *sigh*

It’s good to know she wasn’t taken out by the wildfires last week.

Sadly, I was unable to lift heavy weights in her presence, but I did my best to lean against gym equipment with style.

Haven’t felt funny or creative in a while, but have been enjoying my artistic drawing side. I guess that’s creative. It’s just a lot harder to draw stuff than it is to write a few words and hit send.

Still planning my world domination. Taking longer than expected (just like this recovery).

Looks like I need to pick up some more antifungal cream — WAITAMINUTE!


Oh crap. I’m on my blog.

Well that’s embarrassing.

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