A class act

Adverse attraction
Someone to talk to

That awkward moment you wave at your friend Tom across the gym in the morning. He waves back and you think nothing of it.

And then 90 minutes later you’re on the second floor balcony of the gym on a treadmill — overlooking the first floor — and as a girl and her boyfriend are walking towards the exit, she turns and waves in your direction.

Uncertain if she’s waving at you, you stare blankly.

Then her large boyfriend turns and gives you the finger.

After finishing cardio 30 minutes later I go find Tom…

“Hey, Tom. I think you got me trouble!”
“What, why?”
“Remember when I waved at you this morning?”
“I think some girl thought I was waving at her.” … [I then tell Tom the story]… “Funny thing is, I’ve never seen them before. I don’t think I’d even recognize the guy if I saw him again.”
“You mean the girl with the pink knee-high socks this morning?”
“They’ve been here before. You ever see that guy who wears the shirt that says, ‘Cocaine & Creatine’ on it?”
“Oh, THAT guy?”
“Yeah. That’s her boyfriend.”

Man, that guy is classy.

Remember, kids, don’t wave at the gym. Girls might mistakenly think you are waving at them. And it’s offensive. And then their boyfriends will feel threatened by your presence and give you the finger to ensure their dominance and masculinity.

Although, in reality, that kind of behavior is an expression of insecurity.

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