A gym cafe connection

Absolute power
When I get my hands on you

At gym.

My (newish) buddy, Tom, comes over, “Did I see you at the cafe next to Chipotle yesterday?”

“Yeah, I work there.”
“You work there?”

“I mean I do my work there. I’m there a lot.”
“Yeah, you look like you eat a lot of bread,” he says with a grin.

Laughing, “Well, what were you doing there?”

“Taking my kids to Chipotle.”
“Well, you look like you eat a lot of Chipotle!”

Ah, gym humor (Tom is built like a brick house).

I can neither confirm nor deny that I eat a lot of bread. But I can say that if I did eat it, it would be good bread.

And the pastries are good, too. And the cookies.

But what makes that cafe special is the people.

Although the bagels aren’t bad, either.

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