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13,110 followers… and I have to vote one of you off the island today. This is tough…

You have 1 chance for immunity, all you need to do is —

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Zeddy™ Nominated

Cho Tang: A 5DmkIII? Sh*t, I just doomed myself haven’t I?

Zero Dean: Cho Tang, I can’t tell if I should banish you from the kingdom forever, or give you immunity for even mentioning your Holy Grail of a 5DmkIII on my page. I must sit with my council. ;)

Traci B Woods: His name is CHO TANG! He’s gotta stay!

Zero Dean: Cho Tang, It is decided then. If Traci says you gotta stay, you gotta stay.

Cho Tang: I owe you my citizenship Traci, thank you! Zero Dean thank you, Lord Tyrant! :D

Traci B Woods: LOL. Cho Tang is funny! The decision is good!

Kellie A. Smith: I think your note for notifications helped bring out more of your viewers. :-) And welcome, citizen Cho.

Zero Dean Citizen Cho has a nice ring to it, Kellie.

Traci B Woods: Cho Tang!

Cho Tang It’s the first time ever in my life that I’ve heard people like my name. What’s going on? Lol

Traci B Woods: It’s got a musical quality. It’s nice :)
Traci B Woods: Lyrical…..

Kellie A. Smith: Cho Tang definitely rolls easily off the tongue. nice name.

Traci B Woods CHO TANG! :)

Traci B Woods I feel like he should be wearing a cape…


Cho Tang: Hahaha this here is nuts! I feel like Jim Carey in the Truman show.