Yo ho ho.

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Just a quick note:

If you ever happen to give me your phone number (and people do this when I don’t even ask), and I actually go through the effort to put you in my phone…

That means you agree to the fairly remote possibility that I may one day drunken text you from a tropical beach somewhere.

Some people — a surprising amount — actually gave me their phone numbers in 2010 for this exact purpose…

October 24, 2010, 4:37 pm

I’m really sorry, but I might just have to go get a bottle of rum, hang out on the beach, and start drunk texting everyone. ;)”

I did, in fact, go get a bottle of rum. But they’re still waiting for that drunken text.

But it’s still a possibility.

Just sayin’.

*An equally surprising number of people have invited me to stay at their homes as well. And it’s quite a lovely gesture, but what if you people are weirdos? ;)

Just kidding. I’m grateful for your trust and your hospitality.

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