Xero Shoes are now Zero’s shoes

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As my trusty flip-flops were nearing the end of their lifespan, one of the two very cool things I spent the remainder of my Amazon.com credit on was a pair of Xero Shoes.

That’s right. Xero Shoes are now Zero’s shoes.

They arrived yesterday. And aside from needing a bit of time to get used to new narrow between-the-toe thingy, they are pretty awesome.

The only downside, ladies, is that I’m no longer as tall as I was. But that’s ok, I can make up for that with stealthy ninja moves! No more flippety-floppety-flippety-floppety!

Now you can actually hear my joints pop when I bust moves.

*I also like the fact these shoes come with a 5,000 mile warranty (true!).


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