Computer genius
Doctor Who blue


Older guy sitting at a cafe table near me comes back from getting coffee. Turns to me…

“You know who you look like?”
“An actor.”
I smile, “Oh yeah, which one.”
“Jason… Statham.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah, strong resemblance. Same build and everything. You seen any of his movies?”
“Yeah. Like ‘The Transporter’…’The Expendables’… He always plays the same character.”
He laughs, “Yeah he does. Good movies though. I like him.”

And all I’m thinking is, “THAT MEANS YOU LIKE ME! MUAHAHAHA!” and “Now to use this power on the ladies!”

He left me with this tidbit, “All you have to do is adopt a British accent and people will be lining up for your autograph.”

A’right then. ‘Ow’s this, mate?

Ok, my British accent needs some work.

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