Time travel mishaps and me

Chronologically challenged. I am.
The Author Guy

I can never tell why people unlike my page — such as just happened. So I never know if it’s directly related to something I post or if it’s actually more exciting than that.

So in order to deal with this mystery, I’ve developed what I consider to be a rock solid coping mechanism.

This coping mechanism involves assuming one of two things:

1. That the person who was, but is no longer following me, has just entered the Witness Protection Program — BUT they will likely be back under another name.

(In fact, if you’ve been following me long enough, you’ll know that I’ve had people NOT in the Witness Protection Program do this. Always a good time, that is.)

In any case, since I believe that risking one’s safety to follow my page is undesirable, I feel that this is clearly a wise choice.

2. That the person who was following me has just been accidentally erased from existence due to indiscriminate time travelers who altered something minor in history, and that minor thing meant this particular person’s parents never meet. And thus, they were never born. *poof*

I’m sure there are other reasonable possibilities, but these are two that I find quite entertaining.

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Hey, listen…

Following me should be fun (or amusing or entertaining…) in some way. If it’s not, by all means, unfollow at will!

I know it can be very good (and healthy) to limit the amount of “noise” in one’s life. We are constantly bombarded by things that request our attention. Attention that could be better spent somewhere else.

I totally get it. But just know, if you ever want to let me know why you you decided to unfollow me, please do, and there’s no wrong answer.

As long as you are respectful (and don’t simply send me a profanity laden email) I won’t mind hearing from you. Not liking me or what I offer is NOT a problem!

And although your feedback may not change how or what I post about, I always consider what other people think (even if I may not agree with it). So don’t be afraid to send me a note. No hard feelings.

Everyone is on their own personal journey — and even if we only crossed paths briefly, I’m glad we did.

I should also quickly mention that my humorous post was in response to noticing one person unfollowing me. That’s it. So it’s not like there’s been some mass exodus lately. If you know me, you know I use any excuse to write something I think might make people laugh. I’m not writing this post in response to someone unliking my page.

So no, people are not leaving in flocks. On the contrary, in the last two weeks, more people have subscribed to my blog than at any other time since I started it over three years ago.

(Which, if you ask me, is totally ridiculous because I put up text to deter people from subscribing. Can you say unintentional reverse psychology for the win?)

On top of that, I’ve never felt a stronger connection with people than I have since I started over with a new facebook page in October. So all in all, I’m really happy and excited about how things are and where they are heading.