The note keeper

Adventures in elasticity

I’m not particularly good at keeping a journal, but I am quite good and keeping notes.

Ever since I started my journey in 2010, I’ve been recording random ideas and funny thoughts and storing them in my phone (and now the cloud). I’ve taken over 2,000 of these notes so far.

Many are just reminders or passing whimsies. But some eventually spark the idea for a blog post.

Others evolve into a funny comment after I’m able to formulate my thought into something that doesn’t seem like it was written by a crazy person.

I rarely revisit anything over a few days old, so many just become part of an archive I will revisit when I’m writing my book. But occasionally I’ll be searching for something and accidentally stumble upon something I wrote ages ago.

As is what happened when I came across this little gem just now:

“I’m trying to learn how to poop sunshine. Once that happens, I can kiss toilet paper goodbye.”

And this one:

“Don’t eff with hermit crabs. No matter how small, they will go all sorts of crazy on your ass.”

First, I laughed. But then I thought, “OMG. I must be mad!” O_o

Annnnnnyway. What do they say about mad people again? O_o (Ooooh, yeah.) ;)

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