The locker thief

They see me rollin', they hatin'...
Audience challenge for September 23, 2013

That awkward moment when some dude keeps stealing your locker at the gym.

I mean, there are dozens of lockers — any of which are available — but this one locker is mine. We have… well, let’s just say we have a “connection”.

That’s why it’s so disturbing to me when I occasionally walk into the men’s locker room at this gym to find another man’s lock on *my* locker.

I mean, how dare he!?

Hmmm… I wonder if he feels the same way when I beat him to the gym. O_o

In any case, I am now concocting ways in which I can become the unspoken owner of this locker.

First idea:

Leaving passive aggressive post-it notes on the door.

Keep taking my locker, Bub, and I will X you.

Keep taking my locker, Bub, and I will X you! – Wolverine

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