The jumpstarter

Dear The Huffington Post
The Asian barber

Sitting in car in strip mall parking lot.

Hear someone in the distance try to start their car, but it sounds like the battery is almost dead.

The car isn’t starting.

Pinpoint the direction of the noise.

Start my car. Drive in that direction.

See man in cowboy hat opening the hood of an old beat up pickup truck.

Pull in beside him. Roll window down.

“You need a jump?”

With a heavy Mexican accent, “I do. But I don’t have any cables.”

I pop my hood, smiling, “I do.”

I grab my cables. We hook them up.

He starts his car, then gets out and unhooks the cables.

Handing them to me, “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome.”

Quick. Simple. Helpful.

Would do again.

Some days we help. Some days we get helped.

Be the person you wish would show up and help you when you could use a hand by being the person who helps someone else when they could use a hand.

We’re all in this together.

Lead by example.

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