The correlation between writing and driving…

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It struck me while driving to the gym this morning that there might just be a correlation between people who don’t abide by the rules of the road and those who don’t abide by the rules of writing.

I mean, maybe the same people who don’t like punctuation are the same people who don’t like using their directional signals?

Maybe the people you find making up their own writing rules are the same people who ignore 5 miles of “construction ahead: merge now” signs, only to merge when their wheels hit traffic cones…

An den u jus got da fooks who be all writin lik dis an shit an day be on da side da road be waitin on dat roadside assistance.


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By all means, break the rules if you have a solid understanding of why they exist and your “exception” overrules a rule in a very deliberate fashion.

Otherwise, it’s like starting a board game that you’ve never played before — with a bunch of people who have — and you just start making shit up. They will be like, WTF?

I’d also like to point out — while I’m at it — that I’m no poster child for proper grammar. I break the. Time. All the rules!

In fact; I still don’t know how to properly use a semicolon.