Adventures in Food Poisoning

Adventures in Food Poisoning:
Observations from being bedridden for two days due to *food poisoning:

*May not have been food poisoning. Maybe it was a virus. Maybe it was an allergic reaction to sarcasm. Maybe I was suffering from Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder. Maybe I had a serious shortage of cow bell.

In any case, the symptoms were similar enough to food poisoning and a lot easier to write than this clarification that I just didn’t see the point in stating anything *other than food poisoning in my facebook posts on the subject. *This clarification being the exception.

Which posts? These posts:

Observations from being bedridden for two days due to *food poisoning:

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Schrödinger's blog

There might be a blog entry here — or there might not. This entirely depends on a random event which may or may not have happened.

If there is a blog entry here, I hope you’ll enjoy it — because I probably put a lot of time into it, like I usually do.

And if there isn’t a blog entry here — thank (or don’t thank) Schrödinger.

Love, your buddy from the QMD (Quantum Mechanics Dept)

Saga of the little old lady wearing pink at Panera Bread.

The following running commentary took place over the course of about an hour on Facebook as I sat on the outside patio of Panera Bread in Santa Monica, California…

10:13 am

An old lady at my favorite Panera Bread in the world (Santa Monica) just _winked_ at me and asked me to keep an eye on her computer. I said sure and smiled. I think we’re going out now. I don’t know how to break it off. This might get a little messy.

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