Introducing Moolander

I first met Moolander on April 15, 2011 — but he didn’t have a name then — while I was still in travel mode around the country.

I was in Tucson, Arizona at the time and came across this face while browsing an adventure store.

As I was already the adopted dad of 2 other travel mascots (a rooster (named Plucky) and an eagle (named Stabby Joe), I had no real desire — or need — for a third.

Still, this crazy cow had so much personality, I couldn’t resist taking a picture and sharing it with the folks who were following me.

This picture.

And that’s how I ended up with a third travel mascot.

*Other mascot introductions pending.


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As you might expect, Moolander displayed his eccentricities almost immediately.

Including his love for sticking his head out the car window.

But not for the fresh breeze.

To catch bugs.

That’s Moolander for you.


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One of Moolander’s first adventures included a trip to the Tucson Wildlife Museum where he immediately displayed a knack for comedically timed photo bombs.

“Oh look, a Bighorn Sheep!”


It’s Moolander.


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And here we are at the beautiful Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs where —

Moolander! Move.your.face!

And this is one of the reasons why he’s so…



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