Nothing reverts one back to a childlike state of helplessness like having to go to the bathroom and suddenly discovering that the drawstring on your gym shorts is tied in a knot from Hell.

Where’s your inner peace now, mister!?


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The convergence.

Getting out of my car, I notice that a woman and I are converging upon the gym doors from opposite ends of the parking lot. She has her arms full and… Blast it! She’s ahead of me.

I increase my pace, my flippy floppies are pitter pattering on the pavement.

She sees me from across the lot.

I am intent on beating her to the doors. Does she know this? Does her pace increase slightly? Is this a game to her!?

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We’ve really got to stop meeting like this.

There is an older man who I’ve seen once or twice a week at this coffee shop. He comes in and sits next to me at the bar.

Last time, he came in, greeted me, then ate & read the paper in silence. Then, upon leaving, turned and said (with a twinkle), “Well, it was nice talking to you.”

He just came in. The only available seat at the bar was next to me.


“I see you saved me a seat!”, he says.
“I did! And this paper (that was already here) is yours, too!”

He smiled and then walked to the front to order his soup and sandwich.

When he came back, he turned to me and said, “We’ve really got to stop meeting like this.”
“I know, they’re beginning to start rumors!”

He laughed, sat down, and is now doing what he does.

Cool guy.

PART II – January 27 (the next day)

My old man friend is back.

He just came in, set down his paper and water cup.

I stood up to take care of my dirty plate and make room for him, but he took it from me without saying anything and took care of it (I said “thank you”).

When he came back with his soup and sandwich he said with a twinkle in his eye, “I don’t care what they say, you and I are going to be OK.” :)

…[time passes]…

He just turned to me as he gathered his things, “I hope you’ll be able to carry on without me.”

I said, “I don’t know — perhaps if I knew I’d see you again soon.”

He said, “Sorry no, I won’t see you until tomorrow. I hope you don’t get separation anxiety.”

I said, “Gosh, I hope not — pointing to my coffee — I’ll just drink of much of this as possible and try to carry on.”

He said, “You know, as an Irishman, I think I know what could help you.”

“What?”, I asked as he started walking towards the door.

He turned and said, “Add some whiskey.” and smiled.

I laughed.

He wears a gold wedding band — and yes, now that I’ve heard more than a few words in a row from him, he does have a bit of an accent.

As I said yesterday, cool guy.

One of the staff who wipes down tables came up to me after he left and smiled, “So — you have a study buddy now.”

I said, “I think I do!” :)

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