One of those days


Oh, man. It’s going to be one of those days today.

Which is cool.

Because if it was a year today, I’d feel the pressure to get a heck of a lot more done by the end of the day.

“So how’s your year today going, Bob?”

“Well, Felix. I made a new year’s day resolution this morning and I’m having a hard time sticking to it. Plus, I’d hoped to go on vacation by the end of the year, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen today. Maybe next year tomorrow though.”

“How about we go out to lunch this year today and talk about it, Bob?”

“That depends, Felix. Are you buying? Because I bought lunch last year yesterday.”

“Absolutely. I’ve got you covered this year today, Bob.”

“Well, it’s official. You’re my favorite person today this year, Bob.”

“Ha! That’s what you said a few years ago the other day.”

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September and everything after


Confession of the day:

I was totally ready for today to be the last day of September.

Who knew that September would only have 30 days in it this year!?

That’s just crazy. I feel like we all got robbed.

In protest, I’m doing September 1st over again today and will start October on the 2nd tomorrow.

On the plus side, it’s summer again! Woohoo!

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RE: Counting Crows – August and Everything After (video)

Imagination Monday


Remember kids, it’s only Monday if you don’t use the power of your imagination to pretend it’s Tuesday.

Personally, I like to pretend it’s a nice Tuesday 65 million years ago.

Where the weather is beautiful.

And I’m riding a Triceratops while being chased by a T-Rex as a volcano erupts in the distance.

But, you know, use your imagination.

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Sunday morning music


Some days when I get to the gym, I have to put my headphones in and just let the music permeate my body before I can do anything.

Other times, I have to look up “permeate” to make sure it means what I think it means, because I sure as heck wasn’t going to use the word “penetrate” this early on a Sunday.

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A week system


So I’ve been thinking…

And I think the days of the week should be arranged in a non repeating pattern, like pi.

That way no single day of the week would get too much attention — like Friday (yay!) or Monday (boo!).

See what I mean?

With my piWeek™ system, a Saturday might follow Monday one week, but follow a Sunday the next. And a Friday might follow a Wednesday…

Thanks to the piWeek™ system, you just wouldn’t know… (Unless you checked your piWeek™ calendar)

Not only that, with the piWeek™ system, every day would be special

As it deserves to be.

That’s my point.

The piWeek™ system. Think about it.

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