Brain error


BRAIN ERROR: Current mental conditions cannot support creative thought processes. Creative posts will resume once mental traffic can meet intellectual capacity required for cognitive thinking.

* This error message was inspired by the Netflix streaming error I see regularly on my phone while trying to watch movies or TV shows while doing cardio.

I don’t know exactly how that error message goes, but it’s certainly in the same “We’re giving ‘er all she’s got Captain, and she canna’ take no more!” spirit.

And that — just now — was a Star Trek reference.





This post contains content from Zero Dean, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

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MJB: I’m afraid I don’t get it. Is there a backstory?

Zero Dean: Standard message on Youtube when one of the big media companies flags a video for copyright violation.

The fact that I’m blocking my own content is the joke…

However, it gets deeper with the fact that at least some of the copyrighted material that is blocked for copyright violations is actually uploaded to youtube by the same people who block it… basically.