Street names

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That awkward moment you read a street sign wrong and you get excited at how geeky it is —

Only upon further inspection do you realize it’s not “Westworld St.”, it’s “Westwold”.

Street sign disappointment. *sigh*

Of all the cool names in the world, we have to keep sticking with the common ones.

When it’s my turn to name streets, my town will have streets with cool names like…

  • Bitchin St.
  • Purple Tentacle Rd.
  • That’s Not A St.
  • This Is A St.
  • In A Canoe I Rd.
  • I Found An Ave.
  • Street Sweeper St.
  • Redundant Rd.
  • Say It Again St.
  • I Like This St.
  • Lois Lane
  • Two Streets Over St.
  • Not On The Map Rd.

See? So much more fun.

And seriously, I was barely even trying here.

Street names. We can do better.

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