Sleeping in the desert

What do I spy?
Heading to the desert

March 8, 2013

I drove through a cloud to find my sleeping spot in the desert.

Headlights penetrating the darkness a mere 20 feet before being engulfed in a ghostly mist.

Arriving at my destination, I come to a stop, turn off lights, and instantly become one with the abyss.

There is no light — none — and it is accompanied by a silence that is almost deafening.

As I sit, time loses all meaning.

Just me, my thoughts, and the darkness — surrounded by silence.

Like a hug from the universe.

And then a single sound — almost imperceptible at first — beckons my attention.

A sound like none I’ve ever heard before.

So soft. So unexpected.

It is the sound of a individual snowflake bouncing off the glass of my windshield.

And then another.

And another.

Until the sound that was initially beyond my ability to hear it becomes a soothing symphony that sets me adrift in an endless ocean.

This is how I fell asleep.

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