Shoe comfort

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Some places I visit are like putting on an old comfortable pair of shoes. They just feel good.

Other places are like a new pair of shoes you think will fit right once you break them in… but they never really do. You just learn how to walk in them so they don’t cause too much discomfort.

I may be all about living beyond your comfort zone, and I think contrast helps you appreciate things, but of the two, I greatly prefer the comfortable pair of old shoes.

So “Hello” (northern) San Diego. It’s only been about 5 months, but it’s nice to be back.

And it’s nice to walk into places where they greet you by name and ask you how you’ve been and what you’ve been up to.

And it’s nice to have a gym with a jacuzzi.

And it’s nice some trees are still changing color down here.

And palm trees. And blue skies. And the ocean air.

Those are nice, too.

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