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Graffiti concurrence

Sitting with my laptop at a cafe…

Guy walks up to me. Shaved head. Neck tattoos. Big smile. “Hey, you were at that Starbucks the other day!”

‘Yeah, I was.’

(He sat at a laptop bar next to me and said hello. We talked about WordPress — because he saw I had it open and he works with it a lot.)

“Nice to see you again. I’m Shane.”

We shake hands.

‘Nice to see you. I’m Zero.’
‘Zero. Like the number.’
“Oh, cool! So that’s like your nickname?”
‘Nope. My birthname.’
“Oh, right on, man! That’s awesome!”
“Z. E. R. O.?”
“Man, you should be a celebrity or something!”
‘Well, I DO have a facebook page. People follow me. So I sometimes feel like one.’

(Yes, this sounds vaguely like, “I’m kind of a big deal. People know me.” — not intentional!)

I flip my browser tab to my page. Shane sees my cover photo with “Be Awesome” and the cape, “Oh dude, that’s awesome!”

Good times.

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