Self-serve discovery

The cute couple

I have discovered that if you serve yourself something from the self-serve section of the grocery store, but then decide you don’t want it, the store throws your self-served bag of orphaned goodness away.

I am now trying to determine a tactful way to exploit this potentially profitable discovery.

I picture it going something like this:

*Cashier starts ringing me up.*

That’s when I say, “Oh — oops! Sorry, I’ve just decided that I don’t want this bag of self-serve delicious.”

*Cashier would then take bag and set it aside on counter.*

That’s when I say, “Hey, I know I just said that I didn’t want that, but if you’re just going to throw that bag away, I’ll be happy to see that it doesn’t go to waste!”

Self-serve loophole for the win! This could be huge!

Next step, coming up with a business plan!

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