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So I could ‘t think of what to post — a shout out, a horoscope, or something else — but I was playing around with variations of the TED logo today (because that’s the sort of thing I do) and decided to run with it…

I realize I just said thanks about week or so ago, but only up to 20{82b2ded5ae086bbe31c001f0374079c9503b180ae813ec027549eb44365a9474} of y’all ever see any particular post of mine, so I figured it doesn’t to express gratitude often.

Facebook tells me my “reach” has gone up about 300{82b2ded5ae086bbe31c001f0374079c9503b180ae813ec027549eb44365a9474} in the past week, which is great when one wants to sprinkle some positivity or laughter throughout people’s day.

I’m not sure how or what made that happen — or how long it’ll be this way — but it’s a nice surprise. Since I’ve only been doing the same ol’ thing, I’m going to blame you. ;)

I appreciate all your comments, likes, and shares and all that you do to make this a fun experience for me. So thank you. :)

Thanks for being awesome on my page.

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