Picking one's battles

Side effects may include...
Tic Tacs

Let’s see…

Spend my time trying to argue a point or spend my time being a good example?

Spend my time getting worked up over a difference of opinion or spend my time being productive?

Spend my time researching facts and being logical in a conversation with someone who has no room in their belief system for either or put my time and energy into something that potentially enriches my life and those I connect with?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

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This post represents more of my approach to this sort of thing than it does with anything happening in my life.

I thought I’d share because of some of the things I saw going by in my news feed this morning.

One of the issues is that beliefs are often stronger than logic. And those who believe something will go to no effort to find anything that contradicts that belief.

Of course, it makes sense. We always search for only the truths that reinforce our arguments and beliefs.

We find what we seek.

While some arguments and point of view are certainly worth fighting for, in most cases, neither person can consider victory, because neither person’s point of view will be swayed…

At least not in the types of internet arguments I’m talking about.

Logical discussion of opposing views is one thing. But when one side refuses to look for or listen to logic, there really isn’t much of a point (in my opinion). Especially when/if the other person’s argument eats at you and all you want to do is “prove them wrong” (which will likely never happen). You can end up spending a tremendous amount of thought, time, and energy on something that won’t really change a situation.

Whereas, you can choose to focus on something productive that makes you or others feel better without being divisive with “winners” and “losers” and such.