Nothing was stirring, not even a mouse

Someone to talk to

2:15 PM

I lost my mouse. I had to walk across the parking lot to Best Buy and get a new one. And although I found one on sale, it was the lovely marketing that suggested this mouse is “a feel-good crowd-pleaser” that made me buy it.

Because if there’s one thing I require in a computer mouse, it’s that it be a feel-good crowd-pleaser.

Are you not pleased!?


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2:47 PM

Incidentally, my brand new computer mouse is now ruining my life.

The mouse-wheel is far too smooth. It’s a slightly different size. And basically, it’s not my old mouse that I was used to.

And since I didn’t officially end my relationship with my old mouse (she just decided not to show up in my bag today) I now feel like I’m cheating.

I wouldn’t have minded some closure.

Sure, this new mouse is sexy & smooth. But she doesn’t respond to my touch like my old mouse. And when I run my fingers over the firm contours of her body, it just doesn’t feel the same.


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