New gym

The modern gym
From caring comes courage


Arrive at a gym I’ve never been to before…

Parking lot is full.
Men’s locker room is empty.

This could be good.

This could be very very good.

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Duffy Gillman: Maybe they’ve simply imprisoned all the dudes in the secret labor camp dungeon? Best to be careful. If you are approached by any attractive women be sure to treat her as a dangerous decoy. Eye her distrustfully, then scream “you’ll never get me!” and flee if she gets too close. Discretion is the better part of valor.

Zero Dean: Oh, Duffy, that’s my MO. Business as usual. :)

Duffy Gillman: I think a nervous shriek followed by clumsily dropping your weights conveys everything that needs to be conveyed. If any woman doesn’t understand this display of primal animal nature then she is clearly destined to disappoint you.

David Locke: Careful! You might come off as intimidating and overbearing if you look them in eye! Best focus your eyes elsewhere. But not at anything else or they’ll think you’re rude, or not interested. Just aim your peepers at any centrally located mass. It’s the safest option.

Duffy Gillman: See now, David has the right idea! These things just write themselves. “Hey, nice centrally located mass, baby.” See, Zero? It couldn’t be easier.

Barbara Bright Wilder: you look pretty young for being a “dirty old man” – LOL!!

Duffy Gillman: Barbara, it’s never too early to start.

Bradley Gabe: It was probably a Curves Gym.