My mutant powers are growing.

It's the little things
Tree litter

Walk up to cafe counter.

Cashier is occupied with something. Doesn’t see me right away. Looks up, and completely out of character, “What’s up?”

“Sup!” I smile. “How yoooou doin’?”

She laughs. The other cashier beside her laughs, too. “Here you go,” she says, reaching behind the counter to hand me a coffee cup.

“But I was — (going to order a bagel) — oh, nevermind.”

“Oh! Did you want anything else?”

“Nah. I’m good. This is good,” I say, walking away with my free coffee.

With my coffee in hand, I go sit down with my laptop and put my headphones in.

*4 minutes later…* someone is standing in my peripheral vision.

I look up…

“Here you go.” The cashier hands me a plate with a bagel and cream cheese, “You’re my simplest customer.”

“I’m — wow — thank you.”

“You like Asiago cheese bagels, right?”

“Yeah… I do. Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome.”

And she walks away.

My mutant powers are growing.

My mutant powers are growing.

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