My "fame" is chronologically challenged.

A mutual understanding
Oh, I got game...


Back in 2009 someone recognized me in a Las Vegas book store from a photo of me on my web site. And this morning someone on an online dating site said they recognized me because one of their friends liked my page on Facebook.

So THIS is what it feels like to be Leonardo DiCaprio!?

Ain’t so bad. ;)

See the comments on Facebook

So basically, I get “recognized” once every 3 years. It’s kind of fun in a weird sort of way. I’m kind of looking forward to 2015 now! ;)


The “Las Vegas book store experience” was actually from an aspiring model (!) who had been researching local photographers.

My photo was pretty prominent on my photography page at the time (it might actually be at this time, too). And, well, Las Vegas is kind of a “small town” when you take out all the tourists and subtract everyone that isn’t a photographer.

All things considered, I was pretty easy to find & recognize. I will say, being approached by attractive women and asked if you are who they think you are is always a nice thing.

I wouldn’t mind having that happen a bit more often! ;)