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Car talk

I love Pandora Internet Radio, but sometimes you’ll be totally vibing to your carefully selected songs-by-association station when suddenly, a crazy out-of-place song comes on…

It’s like an uninvited guest crashing your audio party…

But just when you’re about to kick it out, someone speaks up saying,

“Hold on, man! That’s my second cousin, Eddie! He’s just a little whack! Give him a chance, bro! ”

And I’m like, “He’s related to you? Alright then, he can stay.”

This is why I named my Pandora radio station: “Crazy Cousins”

This way when that crazy cousin of a song shows up, I can just shrug it off saying, “Family comes first! And friends of my friends are welcome here! These are the songs of my people!

Let’s *rock!”

*or polka. Crazy cousins will surprise you.

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