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Do I want the body wash that is also good for hair? Or do I want the body wash with “odor neutralizing technology”?

Or wait! The one with “clean rinsing technology” or the one with “attraction enhancing pheromone infused properties”?

Or the one with “8 hour scent technology” or “16 hours of freshness”?

Or the one that “cleans + hydrates” or the “18 hour protection of a 5-in-1 total defense deodorizing hair + body wash that hydrates with protein” one?

Oh damn. Now THAT sounds like it has everything a man could want!

Except wait…

There’s also the one that cools with menthol. The one that invigorates with mint extract. The one that exfoliates & moisturizes.

The one with aloe for healthy feeling skin. The one with legendary freshness.

The one with antibacterial odor protection. The moisture blaster with hydro beads. The one that revitalizes. The one that re-energizes.

The one for 8 hours of sunshine & freedom. The one that smells like wilderness, open air, and freedom.

The one for 8 hours of ice, wind & freedom. The one for nocturnal creatures.

The one for guys with swift minds.

Wait! There we go. I can live with that.

Seriously. Men’s body wash options are out of control.

And I didn’t even get to all of them.

I especially like the one that feels it’s necessary to point out that “cleaning + hydration” is two things.

I guess that’s for the guys who don’t have swift minds.



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