Mainer for life

Like, um, actually...
Fashion rebirth

8:45pm. Walk up to Trader Joe’s cashier. Older guy. He takes a quick glance at my feet as I approach.

He smiles, “It’s all a state of mind, isn’t it?”
“What is?”
“The weather. I noticed you’re wearing shorts and flip flops.”
I chuckle, “Oh yeah. I didn’t even notice. I work inside all day.”
“I have this buddy in Minneapolis. It’s 45 degrees. He calls me up. You know what he says?”
“We’re barbecuing.”
I laugh, “That sounds about right. I grew up in Maine. That’s t-shirt weather!”
He laughs.

But he’s right though. It’s a state of mind.

I may live in California, but I’ll be a Mainer for life.

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