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Lunchtime on Wildlife Drama Street
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Sitting on a quiet side street in my car. Windows down. Eating my lunch.

When suddenly I hear this bird let out a loud chirp out my passenger window.

I look over and it’s not a bird. It’s a big grey squirrel on the grass. He’s not paying attention to me though. Which is disappointing, because I’ve done a lot for squirrels in my time.

Anyway, he’s all twitchy and worked up over something. And again, he gives a big chirp.

Then I look out my driver’s side window and their is a coyote sauntering casually down the street. Not a care in the world.

I don’t even know how the squirrel knew he was there, but I’m thinking they know each other.

The end.

Lunchtime tales by Zero Dean are sponsored in part by couscous salad and pink grapefruit.

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The coyote featured in today’s “Lunchtime Tales”.

My phone was on and the button was pressed when he was still coming towards me. It took this long for the shutter to click. Which is also why you don’t see many pics from this phone. O_o

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